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Volume XXXIX and DVD News

Shout! Factory recently announced MST3K Volume XXXIX via Satellite News and discussed the future of classic episode DVD releases. Here's what we learned.

  • The set will be available Nov. 21, 2017, and available for pre-order on the Shout! Factory website and Amazon later this week.
  • It will be a four-disc set, here are the titles:
    The Amazing Transparent Man
    Girls Town
    “Satellite Dishes”
  • The 4th disc, called “Satellite Dishes” is a collection of the host segments from episodes from the remaining unreleased episodes. They are:
    Ep #201 Rocketship X-M
    Ep #212 Godzilla Vs. Megalon
    Ep #213 Godzilla Vs. The Sea Monster
    Ep #309 The Amazing Colossal Man
    Ep #311 It Conquered the World
    Ep #416 Fire Maidens from Outer Space
    Ep #418 The Eye Creatures
    Ep #807 Terror from the Year 5000
    Ep #809 I Was A Teenage Werewolf
    Ep #905 The Deadly Bees
    Ep #906 The Space Children
    Ep #913 Quest of the Delta Knights
  • Despite our best efforts to include the remaining unreleased episodes, due to licensing issues, it is very likely that Volume 39 will be the last collection of never-before-released episodes, and that these remaining episodes may never get a legitimate release. With this in mind, we decided the next best option was to release the remaining host segments by themselves.
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