Thom Robbins-Kidd

About Me


This thank you goes back a ways, folks, to Christmas 1988. I was 13 and living in the hills of south-eastern Kentucky (amongst the hill people I descend from), and I had a school-assigned pen pal from St. Paul who convinced me that I had to scrape up some cash to help him pay for stamps so he could send me a VHS tape of “some long-haired dude in a jumpsuit, playing with robots and trashing some submarine movie” that he recorded over Thanksgiving. 

Let’s say I wasn’t sold on it, but it was just weird enough to be worth the moolah. I didn’t actually get the tape in the mail until nearly the end of January- but when I did, oh sweet sarsaparilla, something clicked and clicked HARD. I didn’t get all the jokes or references, but I felt like that was okay anyway. I laughed at them even so. I got the “feel” of them just fine. 

For a nerdy Kentucky boy from solid hillbilly stock, this was a glimpse of the world outside the meteor crater my hometown was carved out of, and it was filled with robots and smart-asses who managed their angst and ennui with bad jokes just like I did. 

That was my first taste. Unlike a lot of mind-altering things I’ve done or ingested since then, the first hit wasn’t even free (I had to pay for stamps and half the cost of the tape – which was not cheap in the 80’s kids)- but it was a pivotal moment. I imagine a lot of us have similar feelings about the first tape we saw (or episode, or download, or DVD) – a feeling that took what we were going through in life at that time and crystallized it, using the catalyst of this goofy tv show; where a long-haired dude in a jumpsuit and some smart ass robots showed us a glimpse of who we could be if we cared just a little less about what the world expected us to be, and listened a little bit more to who we wished we could be in the face of those expectations. 

So… yeah, it’s just a show and we should really just relax- but it’s “just a show” that helped me figure out a bit more about myself when I wasn’t yet sure who I was. So, for that hillbilly boy from meteor city, and the 42 year old man he turned into along the way: THANK YOU for being there all the way. 


FAVORITE EPISODE(S):   I Accuse My Parents

FAVORITE QUOTE 1:   ""Liar! Liar! Liar!""

FAVORITE QUOTE 2:   ""I like Jell-O""

FAVORITE QUOTE 3:   ""Joel, you magnificent bastard, I read your menu.""