Go, Jonah!!

About Me

Likes: Bright copper kettles, Brown paper packages, Cream-colored ponies, Crisp apple strudels, Doorbells, Raindrops on roses, Schnitzel with noodles, Sleighbells, Warm woolen mittens, Whiskers on kittens, Wild geese for some damn reason

Dislikes: Beestings, Dog bites; Untidy, un-alphabetized lists

FAVORITE EPISODE(S):   Giant Gila Monster (nostalgia for the days of tape trading!!)

FAVORITE QUOTE 1:   "Who put sody pop in my sody pop?!?"

FAVORITE QUOTE 2:   "I know a pagoda that's going to get tickled!"

FAVORITE QUOTE 3:   "Look out for snakes.... (Hey! I typed this _BEFORE_ the live show was announced!)"