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Season 12 Pledge Drive

In the not-too-distant past, the MST3K REVIVAL LEAGUE #BroughtBackMST3K for a new season on Netflix, and put the Satellite of Love back in orbit. Now, by popular demand, you’re invited to join the next chapter, as we launch our first-ever MST3K PLEDGE DRIVE, offering new rewards and exclusive opportunities to be involved in the production of the upcoming Season 12.

We're having this pledge drive for three reasons:

1. You told us you loved being more involved during Season 11. 

2. We loved having you more involved during Season 11. 

3. We want you to have the option to get involved again, if you want! 

Every new pledge will be used to help us keep Mystery Science Theater healthy, and allow us to take MST3K into the future... plus you’ll get some cool rewards in return, including posters, shirts, credits, even a bot or two!

Check it all out here.