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Open Thread: WHADDAYA THINK, SIRS (And Madams And Mxs) About This New Season?

At last, the day has come: new episodes of MST3K are on Netflix for the whole world (well, okay, the world that includes the U.S., U.K., New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, and Canada) to see. OG backer and fresh-fish newbie alike can now check out the exploits and wacky shenanigans of our new crew of really, seriously, wonderfully funny and kind and talented cast. For real y'all, they are super great, I can't go on about it enough. And I hope to get all of them on this site in one form or another real soon.

In the meantime, I figured let's give y'all a spot -- one of many on these here nets of inter! -- to let us know what you think. Got a favorite episode or host segment or song yet? Did anything totally surprise you? What is UP with Tom Servo's new voice? LET THERE BE SPOILERRRRRS!!!!

Also, here's a gif I made of Jonah knocking things over again and again, just because it brings me joy.

Rock it out, you turkeys.