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MST3K Season 11 Now On Netflix

Mystery Science Theater 3000 Season 11 is now streaming on Netflix! You can watch all 14 episodes here.

Here's what the press has to say about the new season:

“The sketches that frame and interrupt the showing are all delightful… Notwithstanding the relative celebrity of its new players, the cultural weight of its new home and a status grown legendary with time, it lives up, or down to, its original low-res model. It is still a scrappy, silly thing, probably best experienced late at night, with friends, and following the show’s one specific instruction: “Turn down your lights (where applicable).”

- LA Times


“At last, a revival of something actually worth reviving. This beloved series, in which a man and his robot companions snark on hilariously bad B-movies, is back for 14 new episodes, with a different cast but the same outlook and style — and mercifully, the same reliable, giddy humor.”

- New York Times


“The new season is getting Mystery Science Theater 3000 fundamentally right…”

“The new MST3K feels right. It’s still the show I loved, and where it’s changed, even the differences feel authentic and organic; if some are still a bit jarring, they’re such that I still feel extremely confident that by the time we get to season 12—Torgo willing!—Jonah Heston, Kinga Forrester, Moon 13 and the rest of it will be considered as core to the show as Joel, Mike, TV’s Frank, and everything else we loved from the classic series.”

- io9


“I can say that the spirit of the old MST3K is alive and well after almost 18 years off the air. The new show successfully walks that tightrope between old and new that trips up so many revivals—it’s got a different cast and a slightly different energy, but it feels more like the show you remember than hit-and-miss revivals like Arrested Development and Gilmore Girls could manage.“

- Ars Technica


“Netflix’s revival version grasps something that most of the copycats miss: Mystery Science Theater was never just about sneering. The new Jonah Ray version of the series recaptures the original version’s handmade, “Hey kids, let’s put on a show” charm…The presentation throughout the first new episode is smart and energetic.”

The Verge