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Manos: The 25th Anniversary Of Fate

It was 25 years ago today when MST3K fans first got to experience the cheesiest film ever made: Experiment 424 - "Manos" The Hands Of Fate.

The haunting Torgo theme. The lingering, out-of-focus camera shots. The general incoherence of the plot. MSTies were never the same, and a quarter-century later it remains one of the stone-cold classics of Mystery Science Theater.

To celebrate, we're marking down the Special Edition DVD of Manos 50% off list price for today only. You can pick one up from the MST3K Store.

On a similar note, we added a permanent new feature to all of free standard shipping on all orders over $50 to the USA & territories! So feel free to fill that cart up. Maybe toss a limited-edition The Master Would Not Approve T-shirt in while you're feeling all Manos-y today?