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Friday Red Hot Ricochet Press Roundup - Live Tour Edition

It sure has been busy here in MSTieland lately... In addition to basking in the afterglow of the Season 11 Netflix premiere, the cast and crew have hit the road with the epic live production MST3K Live! Watch Out For Snakes! Tour.

Yesterday we shared a sneak preview of what to expect from the show, and today we're pulling together some mighty bold press the tour has received. We could barely keep up with all the articles, so we just chose the boldest ones we could find. So bold they could hogtie your tongue!


MST3K Live Delivers Two of the New Series’ Greatest Episodes Yet


"If the tour is coming anywhere near your town, and you consider yourself an MST3K fan, you absolutely owe it to yourself to get a ticket."

"It’s the best Eegah! has ever looked or sounded. Somehow that makes it even more obvious what a cheesy mess this movie is."

"if they’re doing one in your town, GO SEE IT."

"This second live show might even be one of my favorite MST3K episodes ever"


'Mystery Science Theater 3000 Live': Egad, it's 'Eegah'!

- Chicago Tribune


Coming to Denver, “Mystery Science Theater 3000” roasts B-movies live in first-ever tour

- Denver Post


Bad Movies, Riffing, and Puppets: 'Mystery Science Theater 3000' Goes Live



‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’ For the Binge-Watching Era

- Shepherd Express


Joel Hodgson Talks MST3K Live, Eegah! and Returning to Riffs



Joel Hodgson fills us in on the MST3K live tour

- AV Club


Time Out New York Critic's Pick: MST3K Live

- Time Out New York

“For the first time ever, you'll be happy people are talking in the theater.”


To Do This Weekend: Mystery Science Theater 3000 Live!

- Washington City Paper

“Seeing Hodgson and his ’bots live will feel like you’re watching terrible movies with your funniest friends.”


'Mystery Science Theater 3000' Announces First-Ever Tour

- Rolling Stone


MST3K is Going on the Road for a 29-City Live Tour

- Paste


MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000 Live Tour Happening This Summer

- Nerdist


The Stars of Netflix’s ‘MST3K’ Are Going on Tour This Summer

- Splitsider