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Friday Press Roundup - You're Not My Real Father Edition


Rave reviews for MST3K Season 11 are rolling in! Here are a few highlights from around the web. Once again, a big thank you to MSTies everywhere for supporting us and playing a HUGE part in making this revival happen. HI-KEEBA!!!



“The new MST3K is a lot of fun….a perfect, rolling ball of comedic chaos.”

“It’s nice to see the revival hasn’t felt the need to spruce everything up with unnecessary computer effects or more polished finishing touches.” Todd VanDerWerff, VOX Media


“Even though the basic premise has not changed in any significant ways, it has been given a few cosmetic tweaks. However, the unique comedic sensibility that drove the show—simultaneously whip-smart and genially affable—that kept those older episodes feeling fresh and amusing long after the presumed shelf date of jokes revolving around the Crash Test Dummies had been surpassed is still there. … As for those who have never experienced it before, they may be so used to a pop culture-saturated universe in which everything seems to be a reference or allusion to something else that they may not realize just how innovative and influential this show truly was. But hopefully they will nevertheless find themselves responding to the incredibly high quality of the jokes and the good nature driving the entire project (this is one of the few revivals of familiar television properties that seems to be driven more by genuine enthusiasm than as a way of making a quick and easy buck) in large enough numbers to warrant the production of additional episodes down the line. That would be a blessing, as this revival is so much pure and unadulterated fun that for a few 90-minute chunks of time, one can forget all of their worries and simply just relax.”  Peter Sobczynski,


“There are still those wonderfully DIY miniature-sets, and the Satellite of Love captives still yammer away in that familiar below-the-screen silhouette. For many returning fans, the new MST3K will immediately push all the right buttons.

Yet The Return doesn’t coast on nostalgia; this is a show set in the not-too-distant-future, and Hodgson and his team wisely opt to keep things moving forward…And as for the riffs? Oh, man—the riffs are so good. If you were at all concerned that the latest MST3K would sabotage itself with all kinds of cool-seeking modern-day references, have no fear: While there are a few nods to the web era (Twitter, photobombs, etc.), they’re now simply part of the show’s decades-spanning pop-culture continuum—a mix of the obscure and the over-familiar from TV, movies, and music that fuels every great MST3K joke-run.” Brain Raftery, Wired


“The Satellite of Love is in good hands with new host Jonah Ray and his crew.” Gael Fashingbauer Cooper, CNET


“Fans will definitely want to savor each episode of the new (but not too different) series, which revives the iconic cult favorite for some great jokes about terrible films…As a lead, Ray’s most notable quality is a complete lack of cynicism — which might seem a little odd, given that the entire premise of the show revolves around brutal mockery of films. But somehow this good-hearted edge works for the series, and helps Ray stand out from the hosts who have come before.” Liz Shannon Miller, Indiewire


“The references are updated, the sets are snazzier, but the heart and soul of MST3K certainly remains intact.” Kyle Anderson, Nerdist


MST3K is just as hilarious as ever in rebooted form, turning its bemused eye on old, schlocky fare for some good, old-fashioned riffing.” Vanity Fair


“Despite tech upgrades and a new veneer of comedy professionalism, MST3K remains at heart just what it always was: a simulation of watching last century's creature-feature leftovers with your funniest friends” Alan Scherstuhl, Village Voice


“Aside from a welcome return to the humor and joyous silliness of its conceit, the revival feels surprisingly authentic in a way that both gives fans the kind of show that they want without making it feel as though Hodgson and Netflix are simply cashing in on nostalgia and opens the door for the series to continue anew. In the end Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return is a successful rebirth of the original series and a welcome start of something new.” Kevin Yeoman, ScreentRant


“I cannot recommend this episode enough for geek families to watch. It is a great entry for little geeks to introduce them to the fun of Mystery Science Theater 3000. It is big, bold, colorful and fun, which, for a family is about all you can ask for.” GeekDad


“Without spoiling a thing, I’ll say that my heart leapt at the first episode’s opening sequence, and any fears I had that the tone and overall quality of the show wouldn’t measure up were quieted down a half hour into the first episode, and completely gone by the second.” Omar Galalga, Austin American-Statesman


“However, this reboot doesn’t feel shoehorned into a landscape littered with hot takes and chilled nostalgia. The premise isn’t that absurd now, but it’s still witty and punk—and does an admirable balancing act.” Daily Dot


“After a couple of solid riffs I was in MST3K bliss and the rest of the season was no longer seen as a worrisome affair. Instead I’m just looking forward to what this show has in store” Attack of the FanBoy


“It’s a pleasure to see Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return actually make a return in good form, with a great deal of potential for things to come to come. It’s enriched by some knowledge of the original series, especially in the host and introductory segments, but once we get into the actual riffing most of that becomes incidental. For new viewers, this will be a great introduction to a beloved property. For the experienced among us, it’s like MST3K never left.” Lauren Humphries-Brooks, We Got This Covered