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Crowback Thursday: Wizards of the Lost Kingdom II

Remember Experiment 1111? Yes, we're asking you to reach wayyyy back in your memory seeing as how it's been so long since you watched Season 11 on Netflix. But maybe that means it's time to watch the season one more time? How can you say no to this face??

OK, fine. We admit it: in many situations it would be incredibly easy, nearly a given, to say no to a face which ranks in the upper echelons of the criteria for creepiness. "I award this face 10 Creeps out of a possible 10!" you might be saying to yourself right now. This is a reasonable reaction.

But you wouldn't really be saying yes to this face if you were to fire up MST3K Season 11 again. You'd be saying yes to the barrage of excellent jokes that accompany this face. You'd be reliving the glory that is the Satellite of Love crew riffing on Wizards of the Lost Kingdom II. And in the process, you'd be helping our chances at getting a Season 12 from Netflix. So get your friends and family to watch the complete Season 11 on Netflix today, and when you've successfully completed your mission you can rest easy knowing that you're the wizard now, dog!