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Crowback Thursday: Werewolf


On this, the last #CrowbackThursday in a pre-MST3K-Season-11 world, we pay tribute to the fluidity of the English language and the ever-evolving pronunciation of the word "werewolf." Granted, this word only has a handful of alternate pronunciations, and they're all used exclusively by a single character in the Season 9 classic Werewolf, but nobody said new developments in language are only legitimate if they last for more than 90 minutes.

Well, maybe someone said that at some point in time.

But in the world of Mystery Science Theater 3000, no fan will ever say "werewolf" in its widely-known form, but rather woor-wulf. or War-whilf. Or Wahr-wulv. Anything nontraditional is acceptable, really. And that is absolutely fascinating.