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Crowback Thursday: The Time Travelers

Picture this: you've traveled into the distant future using a machine running on vacuum tubes. You've mingled with local Conehead androids and admired the post-apocalyptic landscape. You start to make some future friends, even love connections, and all the excitement makes you want to party like crazy. Naturally, you hangout in an underground nightclub with a total attendance of four and watch a woman play a rainbow-colored instrument by haphazardly waving her hands above it while you frantically look for the bowl to drop your keys into.

Such is the glamorous world of The Time Travelers, the third installment of MST3K Season 11, now streaming on Netflix. If only you could use their multi-dimensional contraption to jump through your screen to hang out with the charismatic cast in their dystopian lair. Alas, you must sit at home, only dreaming of hanging out in such a desirable place.

But don't worry too much your good friend Danny will be there to greet you when you move on to Experiment 1104: Avalanche.

Watch The Time Travelers on Netflix here.