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Crowback Thursday: Laserblast

On this day in 1996, the final Comedy Central MST3K episode aired. That episode featured Laserblast, a movie with turtle aliens and a laser gun that turns the lead character into a Jim-Carrey-in-The-Mask-like killer. With an appearance by Roddy McDowall and constant reminders to get ready for football, it's no wonder legendary film critic (and friend of MST3K) Leonard Maltin gave Laserblast a generous 2.5 stars.

But perhaps the crowning achievement of the episode came in the opening moments, when we're welcomed into the "Satellite of Laughs" and treated to a bound and gagged Mike and one of the finest punchlines in joke history.

We may one day know how many gorlocks were fired, but we will never truly get Beyond Thunderdome.