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Crowback Thursday: American International

For this week's #CrowbackThursday, we're giving a MSTie shout out to American International Pictures, a company with a long history of making MST3K-worthy movies 32 riffed movies, to be exact. Longtime fans will no doubt recognize American International's distinct logo, seen here in Experiment 422: The Day The Earth Froze. In this scene, Joel ponders how something can be both American and international.

We didn't have to wait long to see if AIP would provide content for the new experiments, as the very first episode of Season 11 (now on Netflix!) featured their film Reptilicus. Because of this, American International had the distinguished honor of being a part of the first MST3K riff in nearly 18 years.

"Nothing says 'international' like a picture of the U.S. Capitol Building," quips Tom Servo as he takes his theater seat after nearly two decades.

It's good to have you back, Satellite of Love crew!