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Check Out the SoL-Mates Podcast


Podcasts are all the rage these days, and here's a cool (unofficial) fan-created podcast about Mystery Science Theater 3000 you might want to check out: it's called SoL-Mates.


Here's a description from the MSTie podcasters themselves:

SoL-Mates is a podcast about MST3K and love, and our love for MST3K. Join Joe, Devori, MiMi, and Jeff - two married couples and friends of nearly two decades - every two weeks as they break down a different episode of MST3K. Along with hilarious commentary, each episode comes with a summary of the movie and the host segments, a themed cocktail recipe, information on those really deep-cut riffs, and a Joe Don Baker Watch - so you'll always know which movies have Joe Don Baker in them.


What's not to like? Check out SoL-Mates here.

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