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Bonus Disc Art Sneak Peek

Take a good, long gander at the Poopie!

This brilliant art by Steve Vance graces the cover of the bonus disc included with Volume XXXIX if you order here.

Everyone poopies, and even the maestros of comedy aboard the Satellite of Love weren’t immune to the occasional blooper.  After years on the air, those added up, and the result is a wonderful collection of mishaps, line flubs and crack-ups.  Poopie! chronicled the outtakes from Seasons 2-6.  Poopie II! added seasons 7 & 8 to the mix, and Poopie Parade Of Values was the gang’s unique take on an infomercial to shill the VHS tapes of Poopie! and the MST Scrapbook being sold by the MST3K Info Club.  So if you’re anal about Poopie, this definitive collection will be cause for the kind of celebration you should probably keep to yourself.

Only 1,500 Complete Poopies are available, so get yours while you can!

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